10 Reasons why you should take a course at WepTech Academy


1 Our Tutors are available 24/07


Is normal to have some difficulties during class, but what WepTech Academy Special is that, even when you don’t understand anything, you can always ask for a live chat with the tutor and we take out time to answer, or email your question and it will answer in less than 24 hours


2 Affordability

Our Goal is to grow entrepreneurship and also help young youths have a skill to boost for by this WepTech Academy have made her courses very cheap and very affordable so that everyone and anyone can get to learn this work and boost a skill ready for the market


3 Study at your convenience

Schedules, work, and other various time constraints become a less hindering factor when on-line classes are a possibility. Flexibility is one of the biggest benefits to distance learning,

You can take a course at WepTech Academy any time and finish anywhere you want to finish it, Our Videos are easy to understand


4 Learn Your Way

At WepTech Academy, We have enough notes, Enough Assignments, Enough Videos to help our Students study how they want it, One of WepTech Academy goal is to make learning easy for everyone and also help teach a skill/Knowledge that is ready for market and learning how it makes you happy is the best way to learn faster


5 Career Orientation

   WepTech academy offers orientation to mark a successful beginning of a training session as to make the students understand weather they made a good decision to take the course or not. And it will also help them choose wisely what they will like to study. And help them prepare for a successful career with clear vision about what lies ahead and what will be archived at the end of the courses.We offer  orientation to all of our students who have registered and  are ready to learn .


  1. Internship WepTech Academy offers internship to its post and under graduates students to able to practicalise what they learn as theory and the skills acquired during the training.


  1. Weptech Academy offers Job Opportunities most especially to its students who who have acquired training and are in search of jobs . this income  will help most them to further  their studies into other fields which they have not yet acquired knowledge and will also help them raise income for themselves


  1. High level of collaboration and communication

WepTech Academy works together in high collaboration and communication with its students to ensure a smooth running of the academy and ease understanding.we can achieve more as a team than we can accomplish by our selves and productive communication is the difference between a team that works well together and team works apart.


  1. Professional certificate

Weptech Academy is a legally and fully registered academy which offers confessional and fully recognized certificates at the end the end of each course taken by student

  1. Free mentor-ship

WepTech Academy offers unlimited mentor-ship to its students after the training.this means that we continue to mentor students who still face some difficulties after training without asking for payments.


Why Choose WepTech Academy?

With more than 5 Skill Learning Programs  to choose from, WepTech Academy is the right school for students looking to learn on-line/On-site.  students have more options than ever before with WepTech Academy. Ready to get started? Review a list of our programs and start studying as soon as possible. If you find a program that suits your interests and fits within your prospective career goals, call us today at +237 654 305 730 or just En-roll and start your course immediately






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