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Why Choose take a Course with WepTech Academy

WepTech Academy meets the criteria of a learner-cantered environment by allowing students to choose their own learning pathway either Online or Onsite, and you as well can choose to take Both online and Onsite Courses. Students can enrol in courses and choose to either deeply engage or selectively delve into course content, without repercussions in terms of grades or other forms of evaluation

Equity: WepTech Academy allows students anywhere in the world to experience a large, self-paced educational opportunity with world-class faculty. Our Certificates are provided by Phibmat University of Excellence and you can also get an HND or Associate Diplomat, in All our certificates are Recognise all over the world as we are also working hard to get other big Universities come into partnership with WepTech Academy

Availability: Our Website runs 24/07 making it possible for you to study at any time, and there is always a teacher on Standby ready and available to talk to you should in case you have any difficulties, The Onsite School is available from Monday to Friday and classes are been monitored seriously

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