As an entrepreneur, you are your own may sound exciting but honestly ,it also means that you have to manage your resources accordingly. And one of the most important resources that we often neglect is time.

Time is gold .we only get 24hours a day thus, maximizing every second is formidable especially for entrepreneurs who are busy scaling growth for their business. But how can you be effective with time management if they are so many things that require your attention. Below are some effective time management tips for every busy entrepreneur

  1. Schedule ,if possible everything

We can’t trust our memory even if we think we are keeping in mind all he things we need to do accurately, most often than not we forget or misremembered an important detail so it’s important to schedule everything. You can either be more traditional by keeping a pocket note book that you can always carry around or keep an online calendar.

  1. Stop procrastination.

This one of the very common way of time wastage. For some entrepreneurs, delaying or postponing a task is sometimes because of lake of focus or thinking that they still have time but most times it’s just because you are still thinking that you’ve not yet made up your mind to start.

To stop procrastination you can use the two minute rule. The two minute rule can help overcome your laziness and procrastination. There’s how: for any of your task that you are delaying, start just devoting two minutes of your time and you will end up finishing without knowing. Like if you want to write a letter just write two or three sentences in two minutes you will find yourself finishing the entire letter in no time. The two minute rule doesn’t mean you must always finish the task entirely. Don’t waste your time figuring out where and when to start.

  1. Attention management

In managing your time, attention and focus are very crucial. Why?

This because even if you allocate a portion of your time for a specific task but actually spend it switching from one task to another ,it will be more likely that you will never end with an accurate result. The way you control your focus and attention impacts your productivity directly. If you are too distracted by different internal and external affairs, your productivity will deplete and the quality of your work will suffer. This creates more errors and eats up time fixing them. Thus you will be already wasting more time than usual.

  1. The prioritization and delegation matrix

Distraction can be anything can be anything from within or outside your control. Anything that disrupts your work schedule is a distraction. When this happens, prioritization and delegation now comes in. Prioritization is learning to say “no“to the things that doesn’t really need your attention. While delegation is transferring none-priority things to the more

 Appropriate  individuals.

  1. Allocate unstructured time.

Unstructured time is exactly what it looks like, it is time allocated nothing, it is anything aside from a work agenda or a personal meeting. However your unstructured time is an important aspect of time management. Why? The more time you put into your schedule, the busier you get. And the busier you get the more you put push yourself into physical and mental exhaustion and untimely burn out and even sickness. As an entrepreneur, your health is your wealth. Your unstructured time can be used for a one to mtwo hours nap can be weekly or everyother day.

  1. Conduct time audit

Doyou really know how much time you spend on a particular task?do you follow your schedule or do you always find yourself extending meeting so the rest of your schedule is messed up? Time audit enables you to pinpoint which task ears up more time than aloocated.

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