What make this Project Special?

  • Once any student register for any training session we are going to Automatically put the Youth Under Mentorship and Monitor him/her until their business start yelling fruits
  • We are dedicated to impacting as much Youths as we can by doing this we trust than at least 250000 youths will be employing by the end of this project

Become a Partner

  • You can Join this Movement with your Skill: By Joining us on the field to help Train the Youths and also Counsel them to become Better
  • You can become a Host: You can become a host by Providing us a venue and also a place to Stay during the Campaign Period in Your Locality
  • You can Join this Movement as a Financial Partner: We can’t Neglect the fact that we need a lot of Finances to run this Project Successfully as we intend to always assist the best performing students with Capital seed to start their Business
  • You can become a Volunteer on the Field: With this campaign with Need every Helping hand we can get,
  • People to Share online Flyers
  • To Actively Travel with the Team to make the Even Successful
  • Etc

We already have 2 Confirm Program taking Place from 09th – 11th of Feb 2023 at omega Fire Ministry Behind Hotel Belavie Rail

And another one taking place at 24L restaurant Bonaberi where we will be meeting with other Beginners in Graphics Designing to Train them on the 5th of Feb 2023

We have also Submitted request is 4 Schools and will be adding more in the days ahead

Become a Host
We have a target to Transform and Reach out to at least 100000 Youths by the end of 2023

To become a Active Field Volunteer kindly Register by Feeling the form Below

Registration as a Volunteer is 1000frs


Become a Financial / Material Partner


School Plan


  • Target: 1000000 Students
  • Assist at least 100 students with their school Fees
  • Award at least 20 students with a laptop
  • 1000 students to start ending from graphics Designing
  • 12 Mega school Campaigns
  • Provide 500 questions and answers to every Subject that we can find and Access


We are planning to get into contact with 12 schools where we will have training on

  • Introduction to Graphics Designing
  • Career Orientation
  • Basic Computer Knowledge
  • Assisting in Children School Fees
  • Generating Income as a student
  • Generating Income from Rural areas
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • How to Earn from Social Media


We will concentrate on

Class 5, Class 6,Form 1, Form 2, Form 3

Teaching them how to do Basic Computer Repairs and also manipulation on the computer


Form 4 – Form 5

Teaching them how to use Excel, Database, and Word

Affiliate Marketing

Electronical Repairs


Lower Sixth – Upper Sixth

Teaching Graphics Designing

Social Media Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Teaching them how to use Excel, Database, and Word

Affiliate Marketing

Electronical Repairs





The Training will always take 3 days


Day one

Career Orientation

Generating Income as a Student

Generating income from Rural Areas

Social Media Marketing

Affiliate Marketing


Day two and Day Three will always carry serious training on:

  • Graphics Designing
  • Video Editing
  • Web Development
  • How to make Eau De Javel, Soap Detergents, Mayonnaise, Chocolate, Yogurt Flour, Etc
  • Salon Work
  • Decor
  • Electronical Repairs
  • Serigraphy Printing



After the training mentorship program will continue and Seed Capital to the Best Performing students

Church Media Tour


  • Media Works / Streaming
  • Computer Graphics
  • Video Editing

i-Media Works and Streaming

This Course will be a general training for all those who will register for the training and we are going to be training on the following:


  1. Introduction to Live Streaming
  2. How to Connect your phone Camera to a Laptop and use it for Streaming
  3. How to use Vmix, Obs, Filmora, and Easy Worship


ii-Computer Graphics

An introduction to graphics Designing will be done and we will have a serious training on Graphics Designing for one week after which practical studies will continue for one month online, during the 1 week training we will be laying more emphasis on the following:

  1. Introduction to Graphics Designing
  2. Introduction to Photoshop
  3. Photoshop Interface
  4. How to use tools in Photoshop
  5. Being Creative
  6. Designing Church Flyers
  7. Photoshop Resources
  8. More than 250 church Templates flyers and how to edit them Professionally