Brief History/Problem that WepTech Academy is Working Hard to Solve

Most educational systems in Cameroon and Africa use grammar education, which has negatively affected youths and many Africans who finish school with HNDs or degrees and end up without a job. With this, the CEO of WepTech Hub, discussing with his team, decided to create a platform where youths will be oriented on careers and also get to learn what they really love doing and earn from it, so we started organizing free training sessions where we teach graphics designing and have extended to other skills that can help youths start up their businesses, such as how to make yogurt, mayonnaise, and many other things,

There are also a lot of imported products in Africa and Cameroon that affect our health all the way down to our bones, but small things like yogurt, if we can produce and consume what we produce, will help. It reduces a lot of illness in Africa 

There is a high rate of unemployment everywhere in Africa, especially as Africa is one of the richest continents in the world. With WepTech Academy, we intend to build a network where youths will connect and learn skills that will better help Africans use their own resources properly.

WepTech Academy is currently working on a website where a lot of Africans will have the opportunity to learn this and a lot of tutors who will work to help these youths become the best of themselves.

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