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Graphics Design

On Graphics Design we use apps use as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw

Video Editing

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Programming Languages

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Our thoroughly prepared Videos and Notes are specially designed with your comprehension in mind. Our experienced tutors always take the time to explain every concept in detail to ensure your complete understanding.

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What Students Say about Academy LMS

I absolutely love WepTech Academy's Training Method! Thanks to this incredible approach, I was able to master Graphic Design in record time.

Kelly Mendgwi


Through the Digital Marketing Course, I have been able to learn WhatsApp Marketing mastering the Techniques of Marketing on whatsapp and How to Run Ads Through WhatsApp

Delphine Suwun


I came to WepTech Academy with no knowlege in Computer but now i can do graphics Designing and also Repair Computers thanks to WepTech Academy

Tumenta Glory


WepTech Academy has created the best Platform for me to grow in my skills as a photographer and also as a graphics Designer

jumpe Felix

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