Who can study at WepTech Academy?

At WepTech Academy, individuals of all backgrounds, regardless of prior knowledge or formal education, are welcome to pursue training. The academy focuses on training individuals from the ground up, even if they have zero experience in the field. What is important is a passion for the skills and a commitment to invest the necessary time for study.  

Can I study all the courses at WepTech Academy, and what is the duration?

Yes, it is possible to study all the courses at WepTech Academy. The complete course takes one year to complete. 

Does the institute issue certificate at the end of the training?

Yes, the institute issues certification to students upon completion of their training and it recognize over Cameroon and the world at large.

Can I pay tuition fees in installments?

Certainly! WepTech Academy provides the flexibility to pay tuition fees in 5 installments to accommodate your financial convenience.

Does the institute provide laptops for students?

Once you register for all the courses at WepTech Academy, you are eligible to receive a free laptop (applies only to those undertaking the full course).

Is it possible to study the courses online?

WepTech Academy provides the option for both online and offline studies, allowing students to choose the mode of learning that suits them best.

Where is WepTech Academy located?

WepTech Academy is situated at Fin Groudron Hotel Le Select ange Raphael Douala Cameroon.

Are internships offered after the training?

Yes, after your training, you will have the opportunity to participate in an internship to apply the knowledge and skills you have acquired.

Is the timetable flexible?

WepTech Academy offers both morning and evening sessions for classes, providing flexibility for students who are unable to attend morning sessions. Usually we always give a One Month Timetable 2 weeks before the end of the month to help Students fix and arrange themselves before time 

Can beginners enroll in these courses?

Absolutely! You can commence these courses with zero experience or knowledge, as WepTech Academy is dedicated to guiding you every step of the way.  


At WepTech Academy, we offer both online and onsite methods of study to cater to different learning preferences.


  • Online Studies:

Upon registration, an account is created for you on our website, allowing you to access study materials such as notes and videos on a weekly basis. Additionally, on Thursday evenings and mornings, your supervisor will contact you to monitor your progress and address any challenges you may be facing. This proactive support ensures that you receive timely assistance and guidance throughout your online studies.


  • Onsite Studies:

For students opting for onsite studies, live classes are conducted with tutors. Before each class, students are provided with video tutorials and notes to review, ensuring that they are well-prepared for the upcoming session. This integrated approach, which includes the provision of study materials, video tutorials, and notes, is designed to facilitate a comprehensive learning experience, equipping you to achieve your best.


At WepTech Academy, we are dedicated to providing a supportive and effective learning environment, whether you choose online or onsite studies.